So you've read an episode, found the puzzle inside of it, and now you think you have the answer? Go on, then, try it! And good luck!

                    Solve Episode 1: Book of Secrets
                    Solve Episode 2: The Mermaid's Crown
                    Solve Episode 3: Port St. Never
                    Solve Episode 4: Lizards of Skull Island
                   Solve Episode 5: Ice Storm
                    Solve Episode 6: The Governor's Ball
                    Solve Episode 7: Prisoner's Dilemma
                    Solve Episode 8: The Skeleton Crew
                    Solve Episode 9: Lover's Knot
                    Solve Episode 10: Traitor's Return
                    Solve Episode 11: Curse Breaker

A few helpful hints:

  • When you think you know the right answer to the puzzle in an episode, enter it in as the password for that episode's solve page. If you're right, it'll let you through.
  • No special characters, like accents, umlauts, spaces, or currency signs
  • No answer is a date, so don't worry about date formats
  • Always use lower-case (if this changes in future, I'll let you know)
  • The tech I'm using can't accept variations in spelling, which might trip you up for some puzzles. If you're really sure you're correct but the password form isn't letting you in, contact me!