Episode 1: Book of Secrets

Kickstarter backers! The first episode of The Daring Adventures has launched, and it is winging its way to email boxes even now! If you haven't responded to your Kickstarter survey, I haven't sent it to you -- but I'll send to stragglers over the next few days as I have time.

And now: An open thread. This is your place to talk about Episode 1. Loved it? Hated it? Was it what you were expecting? Where do you see things going? Have at!

We're all cool with Episode 1 spoilers in here -- but if you're going to post solutions to the puzzles, I'd prefer you link to the answers elsewhere, to preserve the mystery for people who want to talk about the story right away, but also want to solve on their own.

Sooooo... what did you think?!