Worldcon Here I Come!

You guys, I'm going to WORLDCON this week to spread the piratey love, make friends, and influence people!  And I'm not coming empty-handed. I have two gifts for all of you!

The first is fudge. Delicious, chocolatey, homemade fudge in three flavors: plain dark chocolate, coconut-curry, and cherry-chili. If you spot me at Worldcon, flag me down and I'll happily give you a piece! Unless I run out. Or unless the TSA confiscates it on the grounds that it is susp[del]icious. FUDGE!

The fudge is only available to people who are physically at Worldcon. Sorry? But for everybody, I am introducing a limited-time discount on subscriptions to the whole year of Lucy Smokeheart! 

To use it, purchase the subscription through Gumroad here and use the discount code worldcon to get all 12 episodes for $6.99 instead of $9.99. Cheap!

This offer will be valid for two weeks, or until I remember to shut it down, or until Episode 5 of Lucy Smokeheart comes out. One of those.  Act fast!